Web Development for the Rust Belt

photo of Huber Breaker coal break for web development Tempesta Web Engineering, LLC.

Hi there! Let’s just say Northeast, Ohio and the surrounding area is a tough place to run a web development business.

And actually let’s face it I don’t live in Cleveland. 🙁  I was born in a small town called Warren, and amazingly enough still live here. My family lives here and what else matters? It was once known for its thriving steel mills and manufacturing industry. The once-mighty factories are abandoned and very few skilled labor positions still remain. It’s a shame because it used to be a powerful seat of industry in the area.

I started this company so I can help regular business owners get into web technology and increase their sales. Also being able to do business anywhere is important to me.

An ability to earn income doing my professional without spending $400+ in gas each month, not to mention hurting the environment unnecessarily.

There seems to be many businesses out there and I’d like to figure out how to solve their business problems with what I already know!

A web developer in the Rust Belt you can Trust!

I have learned how to take the ebbs with the flows, to look on the bright side but still appreciate the grey one could say.

It really feels like if it wasn’t for the Internet I would’ve never got to this point. I started my web development career in college when I applied for a student web developer position. It has been a passion all my life though.

With my student employment I rapidly learned ASP.Net 3.0 C# with webforms, Javascript, JQuery and MSSQL. These are languages that allow someone to create dynamic web pages such as shopping carts and other interactive applications. I was fixing bugs for the KS full time application development team which was very exciting!

Several applications during my time there including an employee timesheet application, an asset inventory system, and helped fix many bugs via their support and ticketing portal.

I worked there for 3 1/2 years then have had multiple full time jobs working as a full stack software developer in both ASP.Net and PHP. Nowadays I have experience in ASP.Net MVC and database programming in entity framework. I write high speed web apps that are complicated but require little code to write. The code I write can still be complicated but requires much less typing. This boils down to less development time for my customers.

So if your business needs someone to give technical full stack web development advice to, call me today:

(330) 403-9848